Let's finally ease your digestion and hormones....for good!

Let me help you get to your root CAUSES and to create a sustainable and 100% customized nutrition plan without guesswork.  

Hi, I'm Heer

Nutritional Therapy practitioner and a self-care adVocate

I help individuals that are tired of digestive dysfunction and hormonal imbalances in a sustainable and with no 'cookie cutter diet' way!

If you are go getter like me, I see you. Your days are packed, and 'taking care of yourself' feels like an elusive dream. Plus you are roped up with constant fatigue, brain fog, wacky digestion, weird hormones and a weight roller coaster that does not come to end. Ask me how I know this- Yup! been there done it all. 

While my body was screaming for nourishment, I was busy offering it with the quick fixes, extreme diets, insane workout routines and the overload of worry.-the worry of 'am I doing this right? why is it not working? 'is this making me more sicker? what if it gets worse? what if I never feel like my self again? 

Through small but mighty nutrition and lifestyle changes and through mindset shifts, I realized that the complex world of 'mainstream healthy' is due to lack of knowledge paired with 'on-size-fits all' advice that the world relies on. 

The power of Nutritional Therapy was my turning point. I made personalized changes (based on my goals and concerns) to my health journey, and it was a game changer.

This is exactly why I created The 'ONE' plan. A simple, straightforward step by step process with small but impactful changes. This program is designed to not only transform your health but also to help you understand how and why these changes work for your unique body. So, lets finally set yourself free from all your bothering digestive and hormonal issues so you can really focus on living your LIFE.

In my practice, I see clients who:

have a Sinus that has a mind of its own and does not co-operate [even with allergy meds]. 

Are done relying on band-aids [a.k.a OTC pills] and want to know why are they constantly dealing with various symptoms?

have even DIY their way into eating right but see little to no result.

have struggled with weight loss for as long as they can remember. 

If you almost jumped out of your seat while going through this list,
THEN I can help you!

Are tired of dealing with digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, IBS, fatty liver, overgrowth of candida etc. 

Have been living with hypothyroid, (Pre) diabetes, PCOS, or high cholesterol.

Have been zapped into the world of brain fog and confusion.

Have Fatigue that has taken over their life and becomes difficult to get rid off. 


A 12 week one-on-one transformative process that is specifically designed to help you get to your root CAUSES and to create sustainable and 100% customized nutrition and lifestyle plan without any guesswork! 

FIrst of all, let me tell you a bit about...


The 'ONE' plan will help you:

uncomplicate food by learning how to eat for your bio-individual body

feel energetic throughout the day

Stop relying on OTC pills on a daily basis for different symptoms

stop the nagging digestive symptoms

create a strong foundation to loose weight once and for all

Eliminate brain fog and confusion

lower your blood sugar levels

sleep better so your body can rest and heal

learn how to manage stress if you have a high stress lifestyle

end sugar, salt and processed food cravings

Resolve acne by balancing wacky hormones [Hint* Not with antibiotics]

Say bye to joint pain 

get your periods every month without birth control

We start with a few in-depth questionnaires to identify areas of deficiencies and uncover the hidden story of what's happening inside your body. Ever wonder why it's tricky to figure out the missing pieces on your own? It's not your fault; we're often too close to see the full picture. That's where these assessment tools come into play. They're like smart puzzle solvers, neatly organizing the pieces (your symptoms, concerns and goals) so we can easily connect the dots. It's as if you get a complete snapshot of your body's story all on one page- with a graph! 

Program includes:

A Bio-individual (based on your goals and concerns) plan with specific and detailed recommendations designed just for you. It includes what foods to include based on your specific goals. *YOU WILL GET TO KEEP THE FOODS YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE* It also includes lifestyle factors such as sleep routines, movement and exercise suggestions and  high quality therapeutic supplement suggestions handpicked by me and delivered to your door (15% off through my practitioner dispensary). 
I know starting a new process can be daunting and you need feedback or you may simply need to ask a question that you forgot about during our normal sessions. I get it which is exactly why I am always available to my people for the duration of our time together. [I simply ask all my clients to allow me to respond within one day]

In our bi-weekly sessions, it's not just about tracking your journey. We are diving into a treasure trove of knowledge on nutrition, lifestyle, and other game-changing factors. I share all the insider tips that make handling your daily challenges feel like a walk in the park. But here's the real gem that my clients rave about; the mindset piece. Strategically shifting from 'I have to' mentality to 'I get to' mindset is where all the results lie. 

With each working session, I provide lots of resources (as needed) that are also targeted towards your goals and concerns. Recipes, meal planning, weekly menus, grocery lists, Macronutrient guides, therapeutic foods list, how to read labels guides, how to eat out guides etc. 

Tons of Resources

One VIRTUAL Initial session - 60-90 mins

Five virtual Bi-weekly personalized strategy/support sessions- 30-45 mins each

100% Custom Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Supplement Protocol

Unlimited email/text support

You are ready for this if...

You are ready for a sustainable plan that actually works

You are done with the 'next trendy diet' lifestyle

You want to feel empowered to make informed decisions about your food choices

You are looking for lasting results rather than short term gain

You want solutions to health problems that you can't stop thinking about - while your lab reports insists that they are normal

Then, I can help you!

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